Website does not show menu items and logo on android phone

My website works just fine on a laptop or computer, but on my android samsung s10e the upper part that has all the menus and logo do not show on my android phone.

Hi there djboziah,

it is very sad to hear about your misfortunes
with your android “Samsung S10E”. :unhappy:


I am new at creating websites, so pardon me.I started 2 weeks ago and i have learnt quite allot, still allot learn. Most of the questions i have posted have been solved so i feel good.I have come across cool tools to for trouble shooting especially the google f12 etc.Thanks for you help and everyone

We would need to see your code @djboziah. As mentioned in your earlier post, don’t attach a ZIP file, but copy the code into a post, or set up a CodePen.

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