Sitepoint main menu doesn't work from Android with DuckDuckGo

My phone device is OnePlus Nord CE 3 with Android 13 and DuckDuckGo 5 web browser (which doesn’t save any data).

Sitepoint main menu doesn’t work from Android with DuckDuckGo. The mobile menu just won’t be opened after pressing on the burger button.

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Thanks. I’ve passed this on…

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I have an Android 13 device with DuckDuckGo 5.178.0, and it’s working for me — provided you wait a second before clicking on the hamburger menu.

It’s a bug that I have reported to the dev team, but it isn’t limited to mobile. The same kind of bug is visible on the desktop version as well (where if you click a category page immediately after the page loads, it messes up the CSS, or it fails completely). Hopefully it will be addressed soon.


In my device, no matter how much time I wait - the mobile menu just doesn’t show up after pressing the burger button.


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Is this something that used to work for you, and just started happening recently?

I think it’s the first time that I ever tried to open this menu from any cellular phone device.

No worries. It’s a weird one, and I’ve been trying to reproduce it, but I cannot.

In addition to testing on my phone (a Galaxy S22 Ultra + the DuckDuckGo browser), I’ve tested from my desktop via Chromium using various device options selected from the Developer Tools → device toolbar menu.

I also tested Firefox using a custom profile after guessing some settings based on your phone specifications (540x1386 DPR: 2, Regular 4G / LTE, and a user-agent of Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 13) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/119.0.6045.67 Mobile DuckDuckGo/5 Safari/537.36.

There possibly might be something weird going on with OxygenOS or an adblocker.

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