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Hi everyone! Our new website is and some say we need more content. Should it be articles or just brief content through videos or photos of actual use of the relay.

Thanks much in advance!


We’re getting constructive feedback on how we can make sales or initially get traffic. We are offering devices for automation of security system, fire alarm system and the likes. We are also extending service for complex automation projects in case needed.

Guys, what specifically kind of content or topics do we need to add up?

Thanks a lot!

Gonna be honest, I work in a technical field. I went to the site, and got more confused about what exactly you’re selling, and what its supposed to do than when i clicked on the link.

Clicking on ‘learn more’ probably shouldnt take me to your ‘buy now’ screen that doesnt actually explain anything about what your product does, or who its for, or how it can help me…

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A SEVEN Megabyte page load and 113 requests for 1.22kb of content??? Time to go back to the drawing board.


You should keep the content of your site simple. And you should make better CTA, provide detailed information about your product and show me how can your product is able to solve my problem.

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Yes, you could use some more content. It’s very hard to understand what you are offering and why I would need it. However, first you need to create a user-friendly website. It keeps flashing and jumping for me upon scroll. Maybe it’s time for some professional help?

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Hi guys,

I’m reading each feedback and thank you so much. I feel the same way as the auditor of this new website. How can I keep the content simple or short? Thanks much guys!

I don’t think your problem right now is that its ‘complex and long’ it’s…incomplete and confusing.

Streamlining is great once you’ve covered the subject. If the company only sells to experienced buyers who know everything about the product before ever visiting your site, then fine. If they’re trying to get customers ‘off the street’, so to speak, the site needs to sell me on the product.

Right now you’ve got a website that is a parts catalog. An overly designed and ‘flashy’ parts catalog, but a parts catalog.

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Hi there! We’re doing the marketing for our new product through our website and Amazon product listing. However, we’re not sure how our materials are for the common people (those not really knowledgeable about automation and various devices).

Any feedback will greatly help us.

I’ve had a look through and whilst I understand what the product does, I’m not sure what you would integrate these devices into. I work in a tech industry where most if not all control & lighting systems have their own native contact closure devices.

The descriptions could be improved on the products with what they could integrate into. Maybe some case studies would be useful so that consumers could relate to how this product can benefit them or their business.

The data sheets should be hosted on the site in my opinion. Anything that takes me into google sheets doesn’t feel professional.

Also the English & grammar on the data sheets could be improved.

Dry Contact Relay 4x4 USB module build for automation needs. Module has 4 input lines (also referred as “beams”) and 4 outputs (relays). Module couldbe used in access control systems and fire/alarm systems.
Module made for DIN-rail mount. If application needs more input/output controls then one module could provide then two or more Dry Contact Relay 4x4 USB modules could work under same computer control. Currentstate of inputs and individual state of each relay line done through Ethernet.
With Dry Contact Relay 4x4 USB module additional DB-25F connector forconnection to equipment included and USB cable for connection to computer.

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Thanks much for the feedback. Thoughts were all helpful. Are the materials on the homepage enough? Or do we need photo or videos of the relays in actual use?

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Sorry to say that, but before you work on the content, you should get your technical stuff right. A lot of errors and problems on your website.
Best regards!

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Hi there! If I may ask, what errors or problems? I know it would be helpful for me to know. Thanks much!

Yes, offcourse its necessary to put images accordingly to the content you have used in the website. It helps more audience to visit on your website.