Enough quality content on website?

Do you think there’s enough and quality content on our website? https://resquaredmedical.com

It’s a business that offers IV hydration to tourists and locals in Las Vegas. Should we add videos and/ or more pictures? Are our services and products understood with the content provided?

Your thoughts and comments are much appreciated.

My first impression is that the main header thing took ages to load — via JS, it seems, but why? That’s the site’s key opening message, and it takes ages to load, but shows no reason to be loaded via JS.

The JS-controlled scrolling is really awkward and disorienting, too, so I’d suggest removing that. Those unnecessary additions make the site hard to peruse, and make you feel sea sick while trying to take in the content. So I’d suggest fixing that first.

As for the content itself, just be honest and present what the company does honestly and thoughtfully. :slight_smile:

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I echo what @ralphm said.

To me there’s too much animation, it distracts trying to focus on finding information. I did feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information because of this, especially on the home page.

I don’t know about adding more videos/images, the home page weighs in at over 5mb already which doesn’t help the site speed. If anything the “less ir more” mantra may be better.

The site kept on timing out, probably because it’s hosted on GoDaddy?


Navigation was hard at first since the page took some time to load.

Perhaps add pictures from events the company has been but put it in a different page. Maybe add it to the blog section as there seems to be only one entry.

Hi, As others said your website is very heavy, search for Google insights and run site speed. You will find site speed is poor so follow the instructions provided on the same tool. Regards, Sandeep

There is no limit of enough contents. Some bloggers get success wth 50 contents and some bloggers can not reach the top with his 500 contents. But the quality is a big issue. You know Brian Dean the founder of Backlinko. He has reached the top just 36 contents but every content is masterpiece better than 100 contents.

It is recommended that 350 contents are better for a successful blogs or website.

I think what this tells you is that the numbers, or quantity are not important, but it is the quality that matters most of all.

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Yes, the quality is the most important issue. Content quality depends on different factors, a perfect keyword is one of them.

As a visitor to a site - any site - I really don’t care about what keyword(s) they are targeting. That’s not how real people, your target audience, judge quality.

However, this thread is getting a long way off topic. The OP is asking specifically for feedback on their site, not for general advice, (although given that they’ve never returned to the thread, it seems rather pointless to continue it).

The page is very confusing with filled content and other designs. Add only important content along with images indicating main services and other important details only.

Thread closed, as the OP has never returned.