Do you have critique on this website's UX?

What’s your impression on this website?

Is it clear, useful and relevant? I’m specifically looking for people’s first impression on our company/product website. And mainly clearness of the layout and content, usefulness and relevancy of the information.

The site looks pretty good to me, although the big header image with text is starting to suffer from the feeling of “sameness” these days, which is a slight danger, I feel.

To be honest, I don’t fully understand what the tool is for, but that’s maybe because I don’t need such a tool for what I do—and it may be quite clear for those who do use this sort of thing. Still, the kind of questions I always have are things like Is this a program I install locally or some kind of cloud thing? etc. I didn’t get a quick answer to that, which usually sees me wandering off.

Personally, I’d look at using a bit more of that header area to do more “hard selling”, so to speak. Reach out and grab me and convince me that I shouldn’t look elsewhere.

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