Website Color Combo


Could anyone suggest the best option for designing a website with the following combo:


Apologies if the colors seem a bit weird. This combo was requested by the client, and my skills are more leaning towards the development side, as opposed to creativity and design.



Hi ashishnaicker, welcome to the forums,


That’s the pallette you must work with?

IMHO weird doesn’t come close, more like bizarre.

What’s the “theme” of the site?

Thanks Mittineague,

Yes, I do realize its a very bizarre pallette. I had been scratching my head over this, and then decided to ask in the forums.

The theme of the website is electrical. The colors denote the color coding on an electrical wire - active, neutral, and earth. And, i think a white coating.



I’m a bit familiar with electrical wiring, so I get it (but only because you now say it).
(You don’t have ground - black?)

But must they be full on FF ??

I’m more a programmer, so I’m hoping others will join in and I’ll learn something.

I thinking about where the colors could be used

Text ?
Images ?
Navigation “Tabs” ?

Is there an existing Logo? If so, how does that fit into the palette?

Have you come up with an idea for the site’s navigation structure?

Jings! I thought I had problems, because almost all my clients want a blue colour scheme, but this is something else. I can see your problem. :slight_smile: I’d go along with Mittineague’s suggestion. Keep the page white and use the colours mainly as borders and perhaps navigation tabs. You might be able to get away with using one in a page background, as long as it was in a subtle pattern - certainly not as a solid colour. Or perhaps you could use a much paler shade of one of those colours in the background? If you keep the overall use of colour to a minimum, it could look quite striking with just a few borders in bright colours. You could even make the borders quite wide, so they look more like wires.


Here, the neutral wire used to be black, but is now blue. Live changed from red to brown and earth (ground, I presume) from plain green to a green and yellow stripe. Confusing, or what? :)[/ot]

Grass is green, violets are blue, snow is white, and the red is … glue … :)))

White background, black text, red menu, blue links, green on hover and you might get away with a pretty decent site.