Flat Design Colour Combinations - Suggestions Requested

I’m working on something at the moment that is more or less a flat design report page for work. You can see the basis of that here on my Codepen -

The dummy logo contains two colours in it a mid/dark blue #004990, and a kind of orangey/red colour #d9531e - on the Codepen, the header bar should be showing in the blue, and the dummy logo, shows the orange circle.

I need to get a good colour balance for the rest of the page, mainly to make the tabular data easy to read. As you can see, it’s showing a selection of grey tones at the moment.

I’d like something that’s going to look clean and business like, whilst working well with the logo colours - currently, I’m not too keen on that blue for the header bar and have been looking at darker versions for it.

Can anyone clue me in to a good combination?

PS. I know the Codepen is a little broken currently, but it should serve the purpose. My real version works fine.


When working with my clients on a new site choosing colors everyone is happy with is actually the hardest part. Everyone likes something different so more decision makers harder color pallet.

Finally I had them play around with this online with me on the phone and everyone found a good option. Also if you think the colors may look wired just try a sample anyway. Our end colors are not the original idea colors. Way supprised how things ended with everyone happy.

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That’s an interesting looking site. I’ll take a closer look and see if it gets me where I’d like to be.

That’s a really useful site - I can see me getting somewhere with that - a very many thanks

Good luck I hope it works out for you. I know it helped me a lot.

Agree with Ohnoo, more and more suggestion makes it harder to decide what to do. The online tool is just fantastic and it really helps you a lot. Wish you best of Luck.

Actually a website color chooses is very important. My suggest is that follow your client instruction because client Cassius here is important

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