Need help choosing a colour scheme

I need some help choosing a colour scheme.
I’m thinking of using #1abc9c or #00AFA2 and a darker shade as a hover over.Im thinking of using a charcoal colour instead of black but I don’t know what other colour to use.

Could anyone advise ??

Did you run the color choices through a color tool (this is the one I like).

It depends on the feel you’re going for. You have to watch that you’re saturation choices are far enough to allow for subtle color differences to come through…

No, I ran it in adobe but I could not make my mind up,

I also had a few issues

  1. the colours scheme was too close to some other sites,
  2. a lot of colour schemes looked odd and just did not work

So I thought someone with an eye for design colour could advise me.

I’ve had a look at the link you provided using the 2 main colours im hoping to use,

These are the 2 schemes which i like out of the option but they look like an odd combination.
link 1

link 2

are these the only colours that can be used ?

How much did you play with the options on top?

Personally, the combinations all look too bright. Darkening all of them helps…just MHO

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