Travel website color scheme?


I was wondering what color scheme you lot think will suit a travel related site? I was thinking light blue/bright pink but now I am not sure. Black, grey and white looks OK but I feel that this maybe wrong for the type of site. Which got me thinking what did you guys think??

The website covers all seasons of travel and I would like one scheme for the entire site.

Thanks for the help!


Hi -
Yeah, I don’t think tropical or monotone would be good.

But, you could use any earth tones [green - blue - rusty - tan - grey - ochre]
especially if they are more unusual - then have a few images carry out the rest of your themes: adventure - relaxation - culture - the sea, etc.

There are a gaggle [flock, bunch?] of web-based tools for choosing colors, too
as I’m sure others will link here for you: just make the first tone you begin with
is the one that really matters! [Or, search for “color picker/schemer/chooser”…]

Good luck,

You might like to take a look at these free tools:

slide and experiment:

colormatching, palette designing blend tool:

generates palettes:

match a palette to an image of choice:

predifined colour schemes and combo’s:

Nice ones here too… :slight_smile:

I found this one the other day: