Free site builder or design myself

I bought a domain name and a hosting plan.
I just wanted to know if site builder is good or it is better to design my website own?
I can design my web page but i also got a free site builder from my hosting company.
please suggest me.

If you know how to design a website from scratch I would highly recommend doing that. It might be more work but that extra work will pay off as far as flexability and tweaking things to your liking. Site Builders create basic, plain designs. Definitly create custom.

sorry but just asking. coz i can also design good sites but I will have not do more work with free site builder. that’s it.

Free site builders tend to produce poor results, and have limited options for design and content structure. If you can do better than the free site builder then do that!

Agreed, the problem with most site builders are that they generate code which you probably won’t have any say in… thus while it requires less work on your behalf, the downside is that you’re going to end up with something that looks unprofessional and really flimsy (it may break cross browser). What I would say is that if you want a very simple way to get a website up without needing to mess around with code… consider a CMS product like Wordpress. :slight_smile:

In my view if someone can design their own web site, that would a better option. It pays for your efforts, if the work is good whereas free site builder will be having limited design options.

Well, free site builders offer really poor designs but still some of them can be good. Creating a custom design will work if you’re really good in coding & design.
AlexDawson >> “something that looks unprofessional and really flimsy (it may break cross browser)”
I am testing several site builders now, could you be more specific, please? What system do you mean? Just for my reference

There isn’t a specific one, they are all just as bad as each other if you ask me.

If you want a job done right, do it yourself. Learn to code and design a site properly and you’ll be better off for it. :slight_smile:

well and what if I do not have time for it but need a site asap?

if you know how to design, i would suggest you to do so…you would much appreciate your site if its your own creation

I am not sure if I appreciate my work if it’s poor looking :slight_smile:

Jimbrown if you have web designing knowledge you can develop yourself. Because, free site builder will results worst. Consider my suggestion try do yourself even not having the web design knowledge. Learn the designing from tutorials. Else, contact your thoughts & needs to a paid site builder. It gives a successful site for you.

Site Builders generally come with ready to use templates. There are certainly some professional and good templates available with the site builder. However, if you need more customization you should be designing the website yourself.

could you refer to the builders which have good templates to choose from?

Ok. I’ll give it a go. It might work

I have yet to see a free site builder that does anything that’s worth while. Srsly, it’s nothing more than a marketing ploy or at best something to let the 10yr kid play with (and you might even run the risk of him resenting you for it in his teenage years.)

Perhaps what you are trying to say is the host provides a free content management? I dunno much about non-custom CSMs BUT a database is a database… perhaps you can put together your own stylesheet that runs off of their free CMS. But yeah, that will take some time toying around ( maybe that’s what you meant to begin with) In any case you are better off building a SIMPLE site yourself than using a sitebuilder. If you keep it simple… chances are you wont exceed your learning curve, and a well coded site can be upgraded easily as you improve, have more time or chose to hire a pro

I don’t see anything criminal in using the already-built CMSs offered by hosting companies. Yeah, templates can be really ugly but some of them are good, seriously. And I haven’t heard anything about exceeding data base limits. Any particular cases?