Website ADS Revenue

Hello. I find this website traffic revenue calculator
I searched a website from my country and there i found this informations:
Unique Visitors
Revenue (From Ads)
$ 420 USD
Unique Pageviews

This Revenue is for real ? The owner make 420$/day ? Or is fake…

Thank you

That works out about 0.1 cent ($0.001) per page view.
So you could easily work it out yourself based on page views from analytics.
Or using any rate an advertiser offers.

So,this revenue is real…?

It’s a guestimate.

I’m curious where they are getting the visitor number from. I tried running it on some sites I know so see if it is at all accurate, but it always gave a message about it not working new domains. One of them is 8 years old.


I don’t think so it’s real it’s just assumption about you can get maximum RIO while running ads.

i think it’s a calculated guess, the best is to try a few networks, i tried popads, and admaven

The stats and the revenue being quoted by the are way lower than the actual. For example it shows for only … so its try yourself.
Unique Visitors 634,141
Revenue (From Ads) $ 1,759 USD
Unique Pageviews 1,759,429

and for
Unique Visitors 12,200
Revenue (From Ads) $ 1,7 USD
Unique Pageviews 1,759,42

Unique Visitors 32,7684
Revenue (From Ads) $ 1,159 USD
Unique Pageviews 1,759,42

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