How much revenue can you make from 5000 - 10000 unique visitors a day

How much revenue can you make from 5000 - 10000 unique visitors a day on a single site.

We need a lot more information to determine any kind of figures…

Factors such as the topic, content, country breakdown, etc will all influence revenue levels.

topic is technology related like .NET , Real estate , Pets

Somewhere between zero and a million dollars.

It all depends on the sites and the visitors.

One real estate site dedicated to pictures of nice homes might make next to nothing with that traffic while a site dedicated to how to remodel your kitchen might make a fortune.

with nice homes example if your site is about luxury houses and you get correct advertisers you can make a fortune!

does any one here make that kind of money :slight_smile:

Lets just say lots of webmasters here on sitepoint make over 10k a month and yes I personally had a chance to meet some of them, now while lots of people make that money only few are willing to come out and claim that in public but some still do just do a search : )

One day even i will make that kind of money :slight_smile:

10k a month profit? Is that exluding costs?

Yes. There are people on sitepoint that net 80k+ a month.

With 10,000 uniques, I’d make atleast $100 a day on any site!

80 k a month phew

Would that be CPMs, Adsense or YPN?

Any of them a.k.a all of them. For me it’s always a MUST for you to install an Adserver, the best for me has been phpAdsNews so far, no doubt. You’ll have to try each ad network and see which one brings the most revenue and figure out why. Try different placements, use different channels etc.

That would depend on the type of site, but I would use a mix of CPM, CPC, CPA, Text Links, Flat-rate ad sales, etc.

Nope. We’re all broke.

I have to agree with fahd. I am trying to get to 10,000 a visitors a day. I can already see that If I do 10,000 visitors a day I should clear $100.00 a day easily with Google Adsense.

If topic is about civil rights, general laws etc…you might get a pretty much around $15 in adsense daily…

How about a site on real estate house listings

Is your content unique? If so, is it interesting to users? Where is your traffic generated from? US or elsewhere?

.NET, Real Estate and Pets are three varying topics.

If you have 5,000 uniques, they visit 3 pages each, each page with 3 impressions, you would have 45,000 impressions a day. At a $.30 CPM you would make $13.50.

Say you have 10,000 uniques they each visit 5 pages w/3 impressions each page. For a total of 15 impressions. The first 5 impressions they see are worth a $.45CPM, the 6-15 impressions they see are worth $.30 CPM, so here is how it works out.

10,0005 = 50K impressions @ $.45CPM =$22.50
10,000*10=100,000K impressions @ $.30 CPM =$30.00
For a total of $52.50.

So the reason it is hard to get an answer is because there are so many variables that change what you can actually earn. My figures above are just sample CPM’s. Your site could be much higher or much less.