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If a website has 600000 Page Views daily then how much would that website be earning approximately through advertisements. let suppose all the traffic is american.

It all depends on the blog category, content, CPC, Impressions, Page Views and region. At the same time, your visitors are from directly or via search engines. The CPC is a Region of Traffic and Source of Trffic. If you have 600000 page views daily you would earn $470.69.

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How did you arrive at that figure, @arunshory1990? Are you suggesting that’s the amount that could be earned in a week, in a month, in a year, or what?


Surely the first thing we need to know is which ad network you are using. They will all work in different ways and have different payment policies.


You’ve already said

so how can you then come up with such an accurate figure?


They only ask approximately not exactly. If your content is good quality definitely you will earn that amount daily for 600000 page views. But your is hard to achieve that goal.

And yet you’ve given a very precise figure. How did you arrive at that number? Did you just take a wild guess, or did you work it out, and if so, what was the basis for the calculation? And again, over what time period would you expect the site to earn this amount?

I’m not saying you are wrong. I’m saying that your answer is not helpful to anybody unless you explain clearly the basis for giving it.


If $470.69 is an approximate figure, what would an accurate one look like? Very puzzled…


The Shout Me Loud blog has 5436 Alexa, and they claim to earn near about 30,000$USD/month. Can this be true?

With this Alexa can we estimate page hits/month?

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Unless a site has Alexa’s analytics script installed, any information Alexa publishes about that site will be estimated. So it might give you an indication of hits, but there would be no way of knowing how accurate the estimate is.

Assuming there is one single ad on the page, a prominent graphical banner.
Assuming it’s CPC (cost per click) revenue.
Assuming a random figure of how much that click makes you for the keywords, say $.035. Number varies wildly of course.
Then assume an industry standard click through rate for PPC ads. This differs by industry as well so go with something like 1.1% for general ecommerce.

With those figures, 1.1% of 600k is 6600 page views. $0.035 * 6600 is $231. Let’s assume that the 1.1% takes care of those people who will have ad blockers or otherwise won’t see the ad at all.

Just play with the numbers, look up what’s normal in your industry.

This also doesn’t take in to account showing multiple types of ads in different places, perhaps contextual text ads, sidebar, or a popup.
It doesn’t take into account potential partnerships for direct ad placement. For 600k daily pageviews, some single company alone might be willing to spend more than $200/month for the slot all by themselves.
It doesn’t take into account potential affiliate sales through relevant links or product promotions.

So maybe you make $200/month, maybe $5000/month. Depends on the content and industry, who the visitors are and what they want out of the site, ad relevancy, and everything else. How good you are at doing ads, marketing, affiliates, promos, sponsorships, etc.
Does the site offer it’s own product? A training program, book, training course, whatever? If so, sales from that have to be added too. Does the site only make money on ads and that’s it? I would try to change this. A site (on whatever subject), with 600k daily page views, aught to have some kind of product of its own to sell.


With this explanation, the thought of the numbers of facebook and twitters money just came through my head. Jeez.

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Does your website earn that much? What’s the point dreaming?

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