Webpage that relates to more than 1 parent page

This new webpage, new-page.html, needs to find a place to live on our site. What is best-practice for this very common scenario?

The information should live within/with more than 1 parent.



Rather than duplicating the content on a total of two web pages, what is best practice? Should this new content be 1 step away from the homepage?


with links to parent1 and parent2?

If so, how might that be communicated visually, when clearly, this new page is dependant on parent1 and/or parent2’s existance, rather than the other way around?

Finally, if it does live one step away from the homepage, as I am suggesting, must the navigation menu reflect that? Do I have to make room for it somewhere, or can we keep the link off the homepage?

Hi @bowie1011 & welcome to the forum. :+1:t2:

I’ll be honest, I’ve read over your post a couple of times and whilst I sort of understand the question, I also don’t. :see_no_evil:.

Are you able to explain in a bit more context what information you are looking to relate to parent page 1 & 2.

Is it as simple as a href link between pages?

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Yes, there will be links, on pages between them. But I was thinking more about the IA.

page 1 is sugar cookies
page 2 is chocolate chip cookies
new page is sprinkles.

for sure, sprinkles are dependant on the sugar cookies. How are you going to eat sprinkles if there are no cookies? You aren’t! We are even putting those sprinkles on chocolate chip cookies! But lately, those sprinkles have become such a thing, that they are now equally on both sugar and chocolate chip cookies. So now, what should I do with the sprinkles page? Because sprinkles is now such a thing, and getting its own page, should it now be parentless? Those parents are now both fighting for custody. (Apparently, you can’t have a mother AND a father! Terrible!)

Your honor, I would argue that the sprinkles is a grownup that deserves to be treated as an equal to the parent pages, and so entitled to a page of its own.


I imagine the cookies and chips variants are covered on their pages and so could also the sprinkle variants be on their new page.

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so we are talking now



and either
homepage/sprinkles.html, to begin with

or even

homepage/extra-stuff/sprinkles.html, as we get going and more off-springs spring off.

ok, thatś the way to go i guess. Cant think of anything else.


Interesting example that made me think some :shifty:

I would not call sprinkles “extra stuff” but “decorations”. The takeaway is have a plan for when you change your mind

Chocolate chips? For cookies an ingredient, but for something else eg. in frosting, a decoration. The takeaway, have a plan for ambiguity.

I say “plan for” because I feel it’s best to not establish inflexible relationships until the entities exist and adapt to the reality as it evolves. (anticipation not insistence)