Change of Theme has Different Menu Structure Parent/Child


I want to change themes and it has presented me with a puzzle.

In my current theme a parent page takes the top-level menu item and the child pages are the sub-level items in the drop down. The new theme uses the parent page but it’s not a link.

So, I like my new theme and I have to make some changes to accommodate the new navigation structure. I can see I need to make an empty parent page and move the current parent to a child of that.

This means I guess, that I will have an empty page but will that be an SEO problem?

If it is OK to have that empty page to have as the top level menu item, should I have a redirect for that page, to the child page that it becomes? But if I do that, navigating to its parent will redirect to it. Oh my, I’m going round and round!



The theme by the way is Reactor which is built on Zurb Foundation.

OK I’m going to have another go at this.

I realise now that I can just add a link to make the top level of the menu. This leaves another problem.

I am styling page elements on page ID (no child) and Parent ID (child). If use a link as the top-level menu item, I have no parent. I can create a parent but keep them all as sub menu items of the link but I am wondering if that will create any difficulties further down the line?