Website with one page or multiple ones?

I’m going to design a personal website with three pages: About, Projects, and Contact.

  • About: a short bio
  • Projects: my works (just a handful)
  • Contact: contact channels

I have two questions:

  1. The website content is limited. Instead of three separate pages, is it OK to create a single page with three internal links or a table of contents?
  2. Does the home page have to be “Home”? Can it be “About”? In other words, is it a right practice to have a website without a “Home” page? I want the users visiting to go to “About” as my home page.

It is rather common to use one single page and use #anchor to move to an #id.

The name of the page can be whatever you like. Start, home, site, page, mywebsite as long as the web server (or other end point) is directed to this page.

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Its not uncommon to have a single page though I would use multiple pages for easier SEO (If that is an issue). If you don’t have a lot of content and it all fits comfortably on one page then that is fine.

As for the home page, that is basically your default landing page so it can be and be called whatever you like. Its also quite common for people to use a page as the home page that fundamentally is an “About” page with a hero image at the top.

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I think tailwind css and GitHub do a very good job creating a single marketing landing page.

That’s all well and good, but doesn’t answer the question at hand. That’s a tool, not an approach.

  1. Absolutely, a single page is appropriate, and is somewhat common. If you’re a solid designer, then you can show off with transitions and things like that (parallax web page if you want to search for what I’m referring to)
  2. No, it doesn’t have to be called home. As long as you provide a method to get back to the landing page (the “home page” if you will), then you’re fine. Historically, whatever you have as your “logo” - whether it be a symbol, or just your name, or whatever - has a link that goes to the home page. Your menu can have whatever you want on it, and if About goes to your home page, that’s just fine. You don’t have to have a separate link for home.

I was referring to those landing pages not as tools but as reference for an approach to create well thought out, organized visually appealing single page experience. They by far have more information on one single page than just a single individuals professional info and do it very well. A personal site with about, works, and contact is nothing compared to the amount of information on a single page that those sites have.

I will also go on record saying I’m not recommending tail wind for such a simple site. I was only providing that site as a reference not a tool to be used in development here.

If and only if you get carried away with adding image and video content then your SPA is going to grind to a halt by taking a very long time to load… even for fast connections.

To overcome slow page loading over a thousand top webpage designers created a GitHub Repository to overcome slow loading by partially loading and rendering viewports. The remaining content lazy loaded after rendering the initial screen.

2015, Google recognized the potential, adopted the techniques and created their own version adding a free CDN for all images and movies! They also automatically recognize viewport size and send optimized images best suited for the viewport!

Since then hundreds of large corporations such as BBC UK, New York Times have adopted the techniques and using for their webpages:

Please note the techniques for lazy loading, CDN caching, etc also work fine on desktops as well as mobiles.


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