WebPage Optimization


I am using this site to test my [URL=“http://dublincil.org”]website download speed.

It says I have too many CSS files. Does this really matter? Though it would be better to split into seperate files?
Think my main problem is with the images. Any tips on how to reduce size without affecting quality much?


We can make decisions only after take a look at your site, this going 500 server error buddy!

Less files = faster, so combine CSS into one file.

The following images are a far larger file size than necessary. Resave as JPEG, medium to high quality (55-70 if using Photoshop).


Opening these images in Photoshop displays a message saying the file contains data for Adobe Fireworks, so be sure to save “for web” so that unnecessary data is stripped out, further reducing the file size.

A 108KB script is also downloading from Facebook, seemingly to display a “Like” button that isn’t visible in the page.

Your banner image looks too heavy, change the file format as soon as possible. Its loading only after your whole website has been loaded. That may feel visitors a bad impression, and also a chance for bouncing.

Sorry, my mistake. My browser was using Ghostery to block such stuff.

Thanks for that! Images now reduced in size.

What else can I do to reduce size? Or do you think it is now ok?

The Facebook LIKE button is visible just below the facebook header.


Your CSS still needs to be combined into a single file.

Try Firebug with [URL=“http://code.google.com/speed/page-speed/docs/extension.html”]Google Page Speed for more suggestions.

If you are more worry about images then should use only jpg image extension and Irfanview image editor will help you to reduce weight of images without compromise with its quality.

Not necessarily true - for computer generated graphics rather than photos, often PNG can give a better combination of quality and low file size than JPG. There are many image editors out there that will do a decent job.

I would always suggest to use adobe photoshop if its something about changing the size of images
without actually downgrading them in terms of quality

.png, .jpg both works well with browsers and are useful to reduce the size upto great extent!

the process is simple enough when resizing images in AP, just open the image using the file menu > then go to file menu again & select the option which says ‘save for web & other devices’ > a new dialog box will popup > choose the correct file extension(.png/.jpeg) save the file > Done!