How to resize this image that is seo friendly

i am in problem my site’s speed is become so low i check my site performance the software said that i have problems my images and css html and said resize it to html or css. how can i do this

this is image, tell me how can i make it perfect for and speedy.




Try using “Photo Pos Pro”. It is free and can adjust the size of your pictures.
I use it and it works for me


Dear sir, in second link, i can,t find information related to posting of images that is good for seo and google friendly. butt in first link i need to download it then it will be work?

If you have Photoshop, open your image in that program and use the Save for Web function, which strips out a lot of unnecessary data and makes the image file much smaller (while still good quality for the web). If you don’t have access to that tool, let us know and we can suggest others (including the one mentioned above).

i can use Photoshop, tell me what is best image size and weight of image that is good for seo and google and tell me how can i make my site speedy, check my site speed is slow. check site and tell me what i do to make fast my website.

Try to keep the file size under 100kb, perhaps setting the quality to around 50 or 60%. See how small you can get the file without losing too much quality.
check this report that shows that i have a problem with images, my images is less than 80kb. then why showing errors of my site images

OK, it’s good to have the file size down like that, but you might as well save the images at the actual dimensions you need them, unless you want to optimize them for responsive situations or for retina displays. Even if you are going for retina quality, they only really need to be twice the width and height that they are set to in the HTML/CSS.

S in Photoshop, as well as setting the image quality, also set the width and height to what you actually need, and that will further reduce the files size dramatically.