How Can I Make My Website Load Faster

I made one website recently and I did use high quality pictures. But the pictures are not very large. But my website is really slow when I first load it (the first page) any tips? Is there any coding problem?


Hello porsh,

you need to use less picture with small size.

Indeed, the images seem to be the problem.


you need to optimize your images like adjusting the height and width image attributes or use a photo optimization software

I didn’t find it slow opened fast on my browser. But any ways i would advice you to optimize your images for the web in photoshop.

Clean up unnecessary code…

ok so whats the biggest i can have a picture before my site starts loading slow?

all your slideshow images are more than 100KB in size 7 such images make the page size to about 1 MB you need to compress the images using xat image compressor. Also reduce the number of images in slideshow you can use css sprites to reduce number of images as well.

I just check out your site. I saw that you have used many large images. So, in my point of view, you may re-size all image to make them smaller. by the way, pay attention to you site structure. It should be clear and easy to navigate. Good luck !

Google Webmaster Tools can probably tell you if your site is faster in general. It might not be faster for you, but if it helps most users then it’s good. IMO CloudFlare is a decent budget option if you’re hosting on a slow and/or cheap host.

hey, cant use high resolution picture on your site. and keep away from javascript, flash on website

You can use this tool from google:

It will tell you what you have to optimize and you can just follow the instructions or give them to your designer.

Use only java script. If you use flash then your site get more time for loading.

Useful link winagain I did not know about it.

Reduce width and height of images.

Your site is not slow. Your site is opened completely within 1 minute.

Google Webmaster Tools can probably tell you if your site is faster in general. It might not be faster for you

aside from checking and resizing your images, it is much better if you could use CSS to stream line the codes

Make the page design simple. One or two images, text. Taking all the scripts and piling them into a single script, and similarly combining all CSS into a single stylesheet.