How I Can Minify CSS and JavaScript Files in WordPress

So I am freelancer and I took a project where I had to Optimise this guy’s WordPress site speed.

I have done all the usual things which I usually do such as Minimizng Images , cache , Minifying Css and Java Script and using a Cdn but even after all this his page speed load time in greater than 3 Seconds and the reason is his theme and Large size images which can’t be further compressed so is there anything else I can do ? His Page size even after all this is 20 Mb .

Any help and insights would be appreciated.

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You said you “minimized images”. What exactly did you do to minimize them? If the images are really big in dimensions then resize them. I hardly doubt they need photography grade and sized images for a website. Then of course make sure that not so many of them are on a single page. If there business is photography, then have them display a smaller size image with a link to the full size high res version if the user really wants to download it.

In my experience I look at images like this…

  1. How big do they need to be dimension wise? The images don’t need to be 3000x2400 or something. Can they be 600 x 400?

  2. If they are photos, try making sure they are jpg if they are not already. These tend to be smaller in size than png. If the images are not photos and more like logos with limited color, then you can even try gif.

  3. After following these two rules, next you can run them through a service like which I found to be amazing at optimizing images without losing much quality.

  4. Reduce the number of these images you show on a page. Less images you have to load per page, faster the page loads.

I have hardly ever run into a page larger than like 3 or 4 MB per page. The fact that it is 20 MB means there is obviously decisions need to be made by the owner of the site because that is unacceptable for a website.

I hope these tips help. :slight_smile: