Web Server Monitoring - Recomendations for services to notify me when problems?

Seems my web server just went down. I’m on a shared host, and I think I’m the first one that knew about it.

Can anyone recommend a website that can monitor a web server / web site and then email, as well as send me a text if there is a problem with the site or server. I saw a few services already, but they all seemed a bit hokey.

I have about 5 sites, so I’m probably looking at something that costs $, so that’s ok.

Any solid recommendations would be appreciated.


I can recommend Pingdom. They do a fine job.

If several of your sites are hosted on the same server, you’re safe enough monitoring only one of them. If they’re all hosted on the same server, you could simply use Pingdom’s free 1 check service. I suggest you use an HTTP check, looking for a keyword.

I use



We use browsermob to handle this and alot more. Big advantage is browsermob uses browsers to test stuff so it means your javascripts and ajax calls can be confirmed.

Nagios, self managed.

+1 Nagios is solid and an excellent tool when running your own show.

Someone on shared hosting might prefer pingdom or one of the other hosted services for the simplicity of management.