Monitoring Solutions

There are so many network and systems monitoring solution nowdays. Do you use any and which is the best one for you?

We’ve used them for about 6 years as well for external monitoring at 1 minute intervals (we do our own comprehensive internal monitoring).

You can compare it to Alertra ( We’ve used them for years and are pretty satisfied. While not free, it works.

I have heard only good feedbacks about pingdom. In any case I suppose they have plenty of competitors which can be used to compare results.

The ones mentioned are good, but most of the good ones are paid. And the free ones mentioned here have too long ping intervals, which is why their notification comes so late.

I use which allows you to monitor your website for free, and has a short ping interval. It also monitors from multiple locations and can send email updates. The best thing I like about the service is its clean interface. It’s really the best option for webmasters to keep an eye on their own site.

For me, even with the full price renewal and additional fees for more checks, Pingdom is still the more cost effective solution by far. Then again, I’m not using SMS notices, so I didn’t take them into account.

The special offers clearly specify “first year” during the ordering process. I found that pretty straight forward, especially as in the hosting industry such offers/“sweeteners” are commonplace.

In the end, each customer must do the math and see what suits him/her best.

I use SAP monitoring solutions.

I highly recommend - it’s hard to compete with their service.

Read the fine print on Pingdom folks! You DON’T get inclusive SMS credits per month. You only get them as a sweetener when you sign up. Once you’re out of credits, you have to cough up more $$$. Same goes when you renew your annual plan at full rates. No freebies here. Whole experience has left a bad taste and I’m changing to Wormly. Its a bit more expensive but you get more features and at least they seem honest about what you’re up for.


We use “Are your Sites Up?”


I use pingdom for uptime monitoring. One can try it for free using their free package, which, unlike others, checks for downtime every minute (rather than 15 or 30 minutes).

Hosttracker used to be. But now I believe pindom is the best solution.

We use hosted nagios and serveruptime.

I prefer the inbuilt monitoring system in cPanel/WHM control panel which allows the user to enter the email address and sends notifications if the server is facing some problems.

For a paid solutions, pingdom ranks high up there.

I use 100pulse, website monitoring service where you can monitor upto 2 websites for free. They give free instant alerts through E-mail, RSS Feed, Twitter and Google gadget.

I have about three or four different monitoring services that I use. They don’t all report the site as being down at the same time so that means either that the site has only been down a short while and so was down and back up in between checks by one monitoring service OR that the site was actually still up but just inaccessible from some locations.

PHP Server Monitor by ipdope is a good open source solutions

Nagios coupled with NRPE and Centreon!

I’ve used pingdom in the past, I think its the best solution out there - judging by their customers…