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I am student and I am interested to create a website so I want to know that How to create web hosting for this
I am buying a domain but I am not understand that how to create hosting for my domain so please help me. any hosting expert


Well to serve your site to the public you need to host the files on a web host. There are many different hosts and types of hosting.

SitePoint created a Find a Great Host In 5 Steps that will help guide you through finding the right host for your needs.

Its simple to put your web files you need space on the sever check for the company which provides space to upload your site
for ex godaddy.com

When you buy a domain, you should also go with hosting from the same place you`re buying the domain from. They will assign the hosting for your domain name.

IMHO this is not always the case. Some registrars are experts at domain registration and DNS services but are not experts at providing a good hosting network or a support team that can handle it.

You need to answer a good many questions to determine if a host is best for you.

Try namecheap and some coupons, you could grab a .com domain for under 10 bucks.
And google for some cheap webhosting, there are just too many to choose from.

When choosing a hosting solution it also should include domain name registration. :slight_smile:

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So once you buy a domain, you need to buy a hosting plan. Once you buy the hosting plan, get your host’s nameservers for the domain and enter them in the domain’s control panel. After you do that, you can upload your HTML files onto your hosting plan server and access it via your domain.

You can skip the HTML part and go for the most popular and the easiest platfrom of websites - Wordpress.

Use a hosting company that offers you all the service, including a site builder, like hostgator or hostmonster.com
That way everything is included. Later, you can decide if you need something more advanced.

You have two options, You can either buy hosting that comes with a free domain, OR you can buy both the Domain and Hosting separately… Since you’re a beginner i think it would be easier to look for a hosting provider that offers a free domain name that way you won’t have to worry about setting up your domain to use the hosting plan you bought…

namecheap is a great start. The customer service is great also.

Hey there are many web hosting provider available ,you just read the reviews about that companies, compare these and choose hosting plan according to your budget. According to me for beginners shared and reseller hosting is best.


If you don’t have technical skills to design a website, not to worry just find an online website builder tool to build your website where you can also get the ability to host your website.

I would suggest you to find a reliable web host that offers a website builder tool and contact their customer support to get live your website.