How to host a website?

I am new to hosting kind of things so anybody help me out in this issue how to host a website what is the process of hosting what are the requirements for hosting a site?

I supose you need to know what you are opening your web site for. And then according to that you can chose your web hosting account free or paid

You only need a domain and a hosting package from a webhosting company. The requirements for hosting a site depends on the needs of your site. There are other sites that will need database or specific scripting language while others don’t.

In addition, the payment for hosting and domain renewal are separate.

Get your web site ready, then signup for free web hosting account. Try to learn there things. How is everything going etc. Then if needed shift to the paid web hosting

You need to buy hosting from a company that sells it. You will also need to purchase a domain name that points to your hosts name servers. Then you need to upload your sites files to their server.

The type of hosting you need can depend on a few things but for a beginner and shared hosting plan ought to work. You might even experiment with a free hosting site until you get the hang of it.

For the OP, I would suggest just going with paid hosting to get the reliability and in many cases, a free domain. From there you can learn the process a lot better. The process is fairly simple if you consider that it is essentially this:

Design site > Code site > Buy hosting > Set up hosting > Upload web site

Of course as you get more advanced you’ll learn more about a lot more things you can do with hosting.

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Acquire the hosting(free or paid),register a domain name, propagate your domain name to your hosting,upload your site.Promote your site.

Website hosting begins with purchasing your own URL (uniform resource locator), and to do that you visit an online company offering domains for sale. Current charges are around $17 for two years. Website hosting is not difficult or expensive, and a popular site can earn sufficient to cover operating costs, and more.

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Learning how to host a website can seem very confusing with a lot of education involved, however, there is a simple way to host a website yourself. Follow this 3 step process.

Choose a Good Web Hosting Company- If you want to host a website, or perhaps many multiple sites, then you need to put your files on a “server”. These files then are put on the web from the server. Web hosting companies have many servers and they rent out space.

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Also what kind of hosting you will need is dictated by what you will be programming your website in. For example if your website will be coded in .NET technology then you will need a windows hosting. But if you will be coding it in PHP, PERL, Java … then most likely you will need a linux hosting.

Typically, a web server is a powerful machine with a stable and reliable operating system and a 24/7 Internet connection. A web server also needs a static I.P. (Internet protocol) address so that the location of the hosted web sites does not change.

I think Super Green Hosting is giving away a free domain with new account signups, and they like other hosting companies are more than happy to help out and hold newbies hands through their customer support. They also come with credits for Adwords, Yahoo, Facebook and Myspace to help you promote your sites. There are a lot of hosts out there, and a lot of them are offering pretty much the same thing.

i personally use Hostgator and i cant complain too much. Just go to their sites and select the cheapest plan. then add your domains to the hosting. It may take a few hours to prograte or transfer