How do I get a domain name for my site?

how do i get a domain name for my html file because i dont
see any options to upload it only site builders and also how
can i make it be an e commerce store thanks in advance

You go to your favourite registry company and buy it. Most of them also offer hosting so you can upload your files. :smiley:

1 & 1 or Dreamhost should be more than enough to get started.

Buying a domain name is easy. Choosing the right hosting company depends on a number of factors but those two are cheap and provide decent service.

thanks for your time and help.

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Best to keep them separate though. Domain registrars rarely have hosting that has as many features as web hosting companies do.

If you decide to put all yourr eggs in one basket and get both from the same place then get them both from a web hosting company. That they will not provide all the domain features a domain registrar will is not going to have as big an impact as the lack of hosting features would.

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As @molona says, it’s easy to buy a domain name, and I also got mine with 1&1. I’d definitely recommend getting a domain and web hosting all from the one provider, it made the process a lot simpler in my experience. I also noticed you get a lot of storage space with them, so depending on what exactly you’re looking for it might be worth taking a look at their site.

Agree with Felgall here. If you’re technically capable of keeping them separate without a huge headache, do so.

My limited experience with 1and1 was not good, but I haven’t used a cheap shared host in years now, so I’m not as familiar with the market as I should be.

I have one domain with 1&1, because my regular registrar didn’t deal with the particular extension. I find 1&1’s site unintuitive to use, and their constant stream of promotional e-mails annoys lumps out of me. To each his own, but I’d never recommend them to anyone.

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1&1 is like any cheap hosting. But when you’re starting and don’t know where to go, it is a good starting point.

I’m not over enthusiastic but I do confess that I prefer 1&1 to GoDaddy. Never used GoDaddy, mind you. But all the problems that people listed in this forum with them made me very cautious.

Well GoDaddy is a domain registrar - their hosting is just an upsell on their main product.

Watch for hosts that offer free domain registration with hosting to ensure you own the domain.
Also consider using the free hosting provided by GitHub,

Hi @vorear and welcome to the forum.

I have started to use “” as throw-away domains because they are quick and easy to setup. They are very good to show others temporary demos, load files, etc

I had a quick look at the Github link you supplied and could not get it to work. Although I already have a Github account, the free domain renders a 404 page? Does the free hosting page require propagating?

You can get your domain in two ways:

  1. Get a web hosting service with free domain registration(usually for 1 year).
  2. Register a domain name in Godaddy or Namecheap then point its dns to your web hosting provider.

As for making an ecommerce site, the easiest would be using Wordpress and install an ecommerce theme and plugin. Or you can go with a shopping cart software like Zencart, OsCommerce, Prestashop, and BigCommerce(licensed/not free).

Or, indeed, any one of the many reliable registrars there are around.

It’s now three months since CanWeFixIt posted the question, and I imagine he has long since purchased the domain, so I don’t think there’s any point in continuing to discuss it.

Thanks to those who contributed. Thread closed.

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