Web Development Software!

May I know about the latest, best, fully functional, easy to use web designing developing / software in the web market?

I recommend photoshop for designing and sublime text 2/3 for coding :smiley:

That kind of question is unlikely to get a helpful reply, as it’s just too vague. People will respond with a list of their own favourites. What type of software are you looking for - text editor, graphics, project management or what? Have you tried an internet search to see what’s out there? Please give full details of what you want, to enable us to give an appropriate reply.

We have a sticky thread with various software suggestions, which might help.

I recommend Sublime Text Editor or Coda .

For designing, I recommend Photoshop or Indesign. For coding I say use Dreamweaver or Notepad++

I echo @TechnoBear. There’s very little value to be gained to just list what everyone uses.

The one rule that really needs to be followed with software, especially when developing back-end code, is to develop on the platform you aim to deploy to. That means if you’re deploying to a server running Ubuntu you should probably be on a similar flavour of Linux to Ubuntu, or Ubuntu itself.

Luckily, as a .NET developer, my choices are fairly clear. I tend to write my front-end code either in Visual Studio or in Komodo Edit, and all my back-end code is written in Visual Studio. As far as IDE’s go, it can’t be beat.

Hello, Well according to me Adobe Creative Cloud is the best,fully functional, easy to use web designing developing / software in the web market and i will recommend you to use Adobe Creative Cloud.I hope you are satisfied by the answer.

OK - as the OP has never returned to explain exactly what it is they want, there doesn’t seem to be any point in us trying to guess. Thanks to those who contributed. Thread closed.