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Hi,I use Adope photo shop and sometimes frontage for my web templates,What about the software used by you,Is it good to keep using the adope.Thanks in advance.

Notepad++ is the preferred development environment for myself, and as for a dope, it’s too pricey for me.

I use a dopey program for web design too, called Dreamweaver. But there are lots of others. Frontpage has a very bad reputation now, so it’s better to avoid it. There are lots of good code editors out there, and it’s better to learn to design a website by coding it yourself.

A website produced by a WYSIWYG program is guaranteed to be a rubbish site. Image a program that automatically produced cars, or houses, or whatever. Do you think they would be well built? Unlikely. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest steering away from using WYSIWYG applications. Personally, I hand code everything using Netbeans as my IDE.

With WYSIWYG applications you’re much more likely to end up with a bloated (code wise) web site. Hand coding should result in a lean, “mean” web site.

Just discovered Adobe Fireworks and loving it. The rapid prototyping stuff and the graphic design capabilities all rolled in together are whats doing it for me…

Hi. I used to design a website using Adobe Suite such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash. But they are only great for static website design with fancy graphic stuff. To build any site you want, the fastest method is to use CMS open source like Drupal or WordPress.

I like to design web pages in Adobe Photoshop, then coding in Notepad++.Sometimes I use Dreamweaver foe coding. HTML5 & CSS3 are the latest coding methods now in web development.

I am using Dreamweaver and photo shop for design a website.

I use Notepad++ on Windows and gEdit on Linux, they’re both dope. And free, which makes them even more dope.

I can use Photoshop to some extent, but it’s too expensive and therefor not dope. I can also use the GIMP in Linux, but it has a stupid name (“dear boss, I would like to install a gimp for my dope graphics ‘n’ stuff” is severely hindering Linux acceptance). On Windows I use Paint.NET, which is decent enough to do most of the stuff I need to do, but I’m a developer, not a designer. The fact that Paint.NET is free makes it dopely awesome though.

i use vim on ubuntu, as my favorite developpement enironnement,
for markup and scripts:

[indent]on Ubuntu:VIM (++)
on Windows: notepad++ (+)[/indent]
And for graphics I use:

[indent]on Ubuntu: GIMP (0)
on Windows: Adobe photoshop and illustartator (++)[/indent]

I use Photoshop and Textpad. I’m always looking for ways to simplify the process but if you really want a job well done…the way you want it…and you want to keep the code on your web pages light…I’m afraid there’s not much else I would recommend.
Programs like Dreamweaver and so on add all this unnecessary HTML all over the place…I don’t like them very much for this reason, however they are fairly easy to use.

That’s my 2 cents.

Now a days, there are tons and tons of softwares available for use to do any kind of task. With consideration of web design, the main software out in the market is definitely Adobe Photoshop. Front page used to be popular 4-5 years ago but now a days it has really lost a lot of its footing in the online world due to the changes and flexibility required in designing creative web pages.

I’m a designer at a leading California web design firm and have shifted through the various softwares in the market over the years. The one thing I was able to consistently notice was that Adobe Photoshop was able to keep up with the trends and meet the designing worlds requirements on an ongoing basis. One thing to keep in mind as well is to see the type of design works you are undertaking. If you are taking work that requires lots of creativity and freedom - then you may want to consider photoshop. For professional designs for business and such, you can definitely look into other software that may be more appealing for that.

Notepad is the way to go! I also use Photoshop ( I bought the whole Adobe suite) and have a great developer I work with for those projects. Frontpage? Is that even still around? I know some people use Dreamweaver but don’t personally like it/.

For a code editor I use Webuilder 2011. Its features help with efficiency and speed. It kind of picked up where Homesite left off in the late '90’s.

I refuse to touch anything in the WYSIWYG family.

adobe photoshop and dreamweaver are best for web design and they are professional softwares.

I use CSE HTML Validator to writre and edit my pages.

Note that Microsoft themselves declared Frontpage to be dead in 2007 - it has difficulties producing pages that will display correctly in IE6 or later (or any non-IE browser) as the last version was designed for when IE5 had 99%+ of the browser market.

Seems we have this conversation every few weeks. Is there any new information likely to be posted on this topic? Otherwise, let’s close this thread and move on to something else.

i am using adobe photoshop and Dreamweaver . really it is best …

$700 for photoshop and another $700 for dreamweaver results in $1400.

Are you seriously suggesting that people sink that much money in to the software before they even get started?

Totally agree Max, thread closed.