Web Builder Preference

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding everyone’s preference on web builders and if it would influence your decision on what web host to use.

My main question is:
If a Web Host’s primary form of web builder they offer you is in the form of a wordpress plugin that comes with customizable themes, as well as all the functionality of WordPress, but they do not offer any sort of drag and drop html site builder. How many of you would be ok with accepting the wordpress solution and how many of you would insist on an HTML drag and drop site builder?

Frankly I wouldn’t touch a website builder with a bargepole. Much better to develop using HTML and CSS, with JavaScript and PHP as required.


Welcome to the forums, @eastonco1990.

I think this is probably the wrong place to ask that question. The community here is largely made up of web developers, none of whom is likely to have an interest in site builders - drag and drop or otherwise.


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