We make life easier for you :) But just only we want feedback :)

Hi! My name is Harun, I’ve been an entrepreneur for 3 three years. Since my entrepreneurial career has started, I’ve been dealing with marketing and design. After having a great experience with mobile app, I go through with web. Nowadays I’m designing our new startup called projectshowcase.me . We are currently in beta and the main goal is to get feedback.

How you can help:

1. What did you understand when you looked at the website?

2. From whatever you understood, what do you think about the product?

3.May you can open portfolio ? What do you think about the project panel?

An almost 3 meg page is rather bloated don’t you think?

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I completely agree with you although that seems to be the order of the day with bundle sizes. Some say it doesn’t matter because connection speed is getting better and better everyday… IMHO that’s no excuse though…


Considering that you only have 1.87 KB of actual content on the main page I would say you have quite a bit of room for improvement. Having calls to nine different networks isn’t helping page load time either.

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The HTML errors don’t inspire confidence, either.


I’m unclear about the purpose and value of this site. It appears to be a “site builder” for those with no coding skills, aimed at those with coding skills … upsidedown I would like considerably more information that the four or five sentences on the site.

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Thank you for all reply to me. I will say this situations to my CTO founder. :slight_smile: And I want ask What do you think of my product? Do you see my questions?

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