Ways to improve page rank of my site?

Hi friend!
vietnamstyletravel.com is my website page and its in PR of one for long time… What are the measures to improve the PR as soon as possible…???
Thank you!

You have posted a few questions here, asking things like “How can I improve my Page Rank?” and “What keywords should I choose?” Instead of looking at each aspect separately, you should look at your site as a whole and see how best you can improve it. Stop looking for quick fixes - there aren’t any. Get a copy of Google’s starter guide and work your way through it. Think about your site and the visitors that you’re trying to attract. What kind of information are they likely to be looking for? Does your site provide it, and is it easy to find? What could you do to improve the quality of your site?

No need to go for other thinks for PR, Back links are the key factor for PR…build back links from high PR sites… and building process continue for minimum 6 months… sure will get improvement…