Way to show processes in a drag and drop fashion

Okay, so this is a bit hard to describe, but I have a list of Rules that I need to show a remote client. What I’d like to do is share my screen and through teleconference have them rearrange the rules into the appropriate order.

I found this article, which I think I can quickly create and simplify to fit my needs, but I was wondering if there was a site out there already that supports this and would be “free” to use since I only need it for this one time process.

Has anyone does something like this before and if so, what did you use? I thought I might be able to use Trello too, and it seems I just might be able to… (for some reason, I thought this was subscription based, but it looks to be free too…)

Is there anything else I should be considering?

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Is it possible for the client to tell you what order he wants it and you do it yourself? Or does HE HAVE to do it?

If the former, then hangout video call shoudl suffice. @James_Hibbard and I did video sharing and we could see each others screens. Skype etc.

If the latter, then this website seems to be what you neeed?

We have a way to share screens, I simply need a platform where I can enter all of the current rules we have for the application, show them and be able to re-arrange them or add additional rules and place them in the order they need to be executed in.

I think Trello will work great in that regard (or at least it seems it might)

We did?

Er, @Paul_Wilkins and I did…excuse me…

Wasn’t it Thom Parkin?

I’m losing my mind here. Yes. Multi tasking Sitepoint and my work is killing me.

I know that feeling.

It depends on how you want to work. I don’t know if any of these will be good for you but…

I use Evernote but it is, basically, a note system so not shared “screen”. You can share your notes that can be pictures, real notes or any file that you can think of though.
Although they have a premium version, I use the free one and it works for me.

Skype has its own screen sharing thing (although it is crap and I recommend a plugin added to skype to improve it, or to have a white board where you can write)

You can also use a service like anymeeting. You can share your screen, have a board where everyone can write and other features.

We use Lync (Office Communicator) for screen sharing, so I’ve got that part covered. I did think of Evernote for showing the document on my screen and rearranging the data on it by hand, but it feels “Word” like, so I could just use that and doesn’t give me a really good drag this rule from here, to there ability.

I did get to play with Trello this morning with a co-worker, and it worked well in our abbreviated test. So I think I’m going to try that, unless there is a “tool” that fits better.

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