Suggestion for a task management tool. A todo list manager

  1. Assiging tasks via Voice notes. (Important)
    Example: I am in a conference, and get an awesome idea, I want to save this as a note/task into same, which i can refer in future.
    Ability to record voice messages directly into software.

  2. Assigning tasks and get responses from team, via email/social media.
    Example: I assign a task to Member1 of my team to attend a meeting via email/social media, once he has attended the meeting. Can Member1 reply back to email/social media if said assigned task is done or not done.

  3. Making tasks and setting on various days/dates.
    Example1: Pickup kid from drawing tutions on monday, wednesday and friday only.
    Example2: Goto movie on every 7th date of month 7, 14, 21, 28.

  4. Require complete list of features of this tool.

  5. Request for a feature comparison only of this tool with todoist and asana.
    (as both are on our list for purchase as well)

  6. Will request a fully functional trial for atleast a week or more, if applicable…
    Ready to buy a full version immediately, if refunds are allowed in case not happy.
    Competitors just allow the same.

  7. Any advance usages once we get in more users to this tool ?
    (Business/Family both)

  8. Can we also assign a deadline to a task created ?
    Example1: Kids drawing tution ends after 2 months (DD-MM-YYYY)
    Example2: Assigned a task to my logo designer Member1 to be finished in 10 days, starting day today, can i assign a deadline to this task, so i can get reminded and have to contact Member1…

  9. We are into Digital Media (and hence require right solution)
    We manange different kids of stuff.

A. Social Media for our inhouse clients

  1. Client 1
  2. Client 2
    A2. Meeting with client2 on (DD-MM-YYYY)
  3. Client 3

B. Social Media for our inhouse sites

C. Content for inhouse sites.

  1. Content Issues with some Membersxxx

D. Content for external sites.

  1. Issues with client 1.
    D1. Client 1 on payments.

E. Family/Friends
A. Dinner

  1. Going out with family on dinner on (DD-MM-YYYY)
    B. Outing with kids on (DD-MM-YYYY)
  2. Goto lunch
  3. Garden
  4. Go out with pet.

We need something scalable, where we can assign all above activities properly, to maintain a proper routine.
And get notified what task has to be done when (today/tomorrow etc.) with reminders.

  1. What kind of reminders are supported, mostly my working mobile device is on MUTE MODE once I enter home (receive calls/messages every 10 minutes).
    But my laptop is always online with sound support…
    Is it possible to get only MOST IMPORTANT notifications (which I have marked) from laptop in form of voice if possible.

  2. Accessing tasks from multiple devices. (IMPORTANT)
    Example1: I am using Android mobile phone @present, and want to do all above from same including adding voice notes/tasks.
    Example2: I do primarily use desktop for my work (IT Guy) and want to be able to all above stuff from same…

  3. (Little matching to point 9)
    Example: Working for our inhouse sites.
    a. Fix the header of site
    1a. Assign designer from company1
    1b. Assign designer from company2
    12-1-1b. Talk with designer from company2


  1. Fix site errors.
    b1. Fix portal errors
    12.B.b1 - Requires social media integration…
    — A problem with facebook integration only…

b2. Fix chat errors
b3. Fix wiki problems

Is it possible to do this kind of intense sub-tasking which would just leverage our work… As we know Site 1 has issues, into Portal part, into Social Media, into facebook not working…

  1. History of tasks for future reference, we require everything to be saved if possible… (like we use lastpass enterprise features).

  2. Support/Security options available (Important)

  3. In case we have added around 100 mb of data in form of attachments/voice notes/ is this data downloaded automatically everytime we re-install mobile OS ?
    Or is cloud based and requested on demand ?
    But uploads go smooth…


  1. Require a voice based input to system, which I can refer to in future as a note or a task (very important) as a businessman it becomes very difficult to type in everything.

  2. Require a cross-platform tool, primarily accessibly via Windows desktop (must) + Android devices.

  3. Ability to upgrade to multi-user environment in future, where multiple users can share licensces to help each other/personally…

Have you tried NetHelpDesk help desk software? We use it for similar functionality that you outlined.

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