Presentation and Evaluation Software?

Hi there,

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. Likewise if it has been covered before. I’ve looked and searched through the forum but cannot find an answer I’m looking for!

Fairly new to this game and have been asked by my employer to seek a program which will allow us to remotely “present” our in development sites to our clients. Similar to a remote desktop or VNC session.

Preferably we’d be able to do this through a domain name hosted on our server. Does anybody know of any possible solutions?

Desirable features:

  • Skype/Voice Communication

Have you looked at TeamViewer ?

Thanks for that, looks great. I’ll have a look when the working day is over.

However I’m not sure whether would be happy with me controlling there desktop. Does this work the other way round too? So I can show them mine?

afaik, if they connect to you you can show them your desktop.