Want help for Google Index

I have a little blog… I am writing about celebrities. Now I want to Google Index my post within one hour. Please help me. Many one have done it. but i can’t it. How can i do it? Give me a good solution.

The best advice I can give is to read the SEO FAQ at the top of this forum, and to read past discussions on the topic.

Sites that get their content indexed within an hour have achieved that by usually years of hard work, providing good content, regularly updated, with relevant links from a load of other reputable sites. You’re not going to achieve that in a week. Look at it from another point of view – you want Google to do this, but why should Google want to help you? Google’s aim is to help people surfing the web, not to make life easy for webmasters. If you’re writing about celebrities then you’re up against hundreds, thousands, billions of blogs, magazines and other sites who are all touting for the same business. What are you doing to make Google believe that your site is one of the best ones out there, and worth coming back to every few minutes?

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i totally agree with…but think are some technique which would help him index his blog quickly…do some social booking for your blog

According to me if you want Google will be index your webpages within one hour. Use Wordpress, and put your article in wordpress blog, Google will indexing your content within one hour.Try on it, it will be definitely work.

Sorry but that is utter nonsense. For a start, Google could not care less what platform you use, whether it’s Wordpress, Blogger or anything else – it makes no difference. Second, making categorical statements like “it will definitely work” is not helpful, because the answers are very rarely that black-and-white.