Google Indexing

I have resubmitted the xml sitemap to Google. Even after two days, it has not indexed any of my web page.

How long would it take Google to index the resubmitted sitemap.

What should be the problem with the website indexing.

Kindly advice.


Google XML site map submission is the great way to crawl your website. But it takes as long as 1 or 2 week. But best way to crawl your website is to post press release or article to major directories. I guarantee that it will get crawled within 24 hours.


There is no problem with indexing. It is just that you are too early to determine.

yes no doubt make good backlinks in good page rank sites it is really help in quick indexing.

Patience is a Virtue my Friend!!

Google will definitely crawl your sitemap and all the links. I did the same and my site was indexed in few days itself. Offcourse not 2 -3 days.

I think backlinking is the only efficient way for Google to index your pages.

Use Google Master Tool it will help you.

Even do Article Submission and Press Release, This will help you to get traffic and index well

According to me crawl your page submit your site or site’s XML on various search engines or directories sites. :slight_smile:

Google is mysterious. a few days ago I post new articles and after 10 minutesmy postes was indexed by google

Indeed google is full of surprises but you should understand it’s working, to get indexed you should get a link from a website of your niche which also has a good PR and make sure your link is on a page which is getting cached once or twice a day, that is the fastest way of getting indexed, with these step i usually get indexed in just 12 hours and so.

sitemap i just a one way to help your site to get index… try to gather more links it also help to index site more faster…

Thanks for everyone for your valuable reply. Now my got indexed by Google.

Thankfully, more no. of web pages have been indexed; but not all the web pages. I need to find a way out for this.

Thanks again.


To index a website we need to and upload and submit a xml sitemap in google webmaster account,after that you have to build link in social media, forums comments, blog posting, and local classified listing, by these steps, you will get indexed website in short period of time.


you will make your own blogger blog with your site links. It will help google to index your site soon.

You post blogs and articles regularly than Google index your site very easily.

Thanks for all your replies. My site has been indexed by Google now.

Thanks again.