VPS Faster Than Shared?

Hi, I have a reseller account (I don’t resell, but own a few sites) which is great, but for my flagship site, it’s just too slow. I was thinking of getting some VPS hosting, but before going through the hassle of migrating hosts, I want to make sure I actually get much faster performance.

Thanks, I need real information, there’s so much affiliate link promotion around webhosting, it’s impossible to find a straight answer. Thanks!

Depends on who your current host is and who your intended VPS vendor is. Like any hosting, there are also good and bad VPS providers. It would be useful to know why your site is slow - e.g is it a bandwidth bottleneck or the database response.

Most VPS hosts will allow a month hire, so you could set up your site on a test domain and check its base performance while not under load. If you have the knowledge, you could go further and load test the new VPS to a similar level of traffic to what you have on your existing provider, and then check the responsitivity.

I want to make sure I actually get much faster performance.

Unless you know how to optimize it, you’ll probably see poorer performance compared to a well managed shared hosting environment. But, if you’re coming from a badly managed one, it could be bliss. :slight_smile:

If you’re not a server admin, you need to get a fully managed VPS, which won’t come cheap.

If you know how to set up a VPS properly with the right configurations, there is no doubt whatsoever it will be blazing fast compared to a shared host package. If you don’t configure it out, you’ll most likely won’t see a huge performance boost.

Read up or get a fully managed VPS.

If it’s only a low spec VPS then you’ll probably see no gain at all. I’d wager our shared hosting is much much faster than most low-mid range VPS out there - even when optimised. As said though, it really does depend on a number of things:

  1. The spec of the VPS
  2. How badly managed/overloaded the shared hosting is
  3. Your experience in optimising configurations for your VPS


It should be, but it depends. If the new vps provider is overselling their server, it might not be faster. But a decent vps with 512mb ram or more with a reputable provider will usually be faster than shared hosting.

Faster in term of what?
If faster by connection or downloads speed - I have doubts and I believe that would be on the same level if we are talking about migration withing the same web hosting company.
But in any way VPS must be faster by processing operations on the server.

Why must it? Sure if we’re talking a VPS with a decent number of CPU cores and a large chunk of guaranteed memory then there’s every chance it will be faster - but most VPS sold tend to be 512MB RAM - when you’ve taken out memory for the OS, memory for Apache, PHP, MySQL, Email servers etc. then that doesn’t actually leave much for any work to be done in - so unless you’re comparing about bargain basement shared hosting it’s not likely to be faster.


You are right. That is not a must at all :). However that is what any customer hopes for changin g shared web hosting to VPS. Of course that is not a must and that depends on the web hosting company.