Shifting from Shared to VPS Windows Hosting Servers


We are an IT Company who develops various applications in ASP.NET ,C#,Java,Struts,PHP and maybe will cover others languages tomorrow as well.
Currently we have hosted our websites on a shared hosting and developed one of our product in which is currently running on this shared hosting.
The package we have at is .NET RELOADED. They say shared servers have 100mbit uplink .
Ok , now we are thinking to shift this website from this shared server to a VPS which we already purchased – and we have windows developer VPS.
1)Reason for shifting – Url Rewriting.
2)Running Window Services.
3)Access to server via RDP.
4)We will shift our other website to this VPS as well slowly and steadily and want to use this as dedicated server until unless we can afford a real dedicated server.

But I have few following very important questions

  1. Is VPS very good ? Previously speed was a concern but recently they migrated to Windows 2008 R2 , so their speed (Live URL) is really good though the UAT link speed is not bad either. But I am still concerned about the VPS Hosting of this .Users who have myhosting experience , please come up with your views.
    I am new to VPS Hosting . If you recommend any other hosting than vps than myhosting then let me know.We are a startup business and want to stay within $50/month range. Also we do not want to shift servers frequently as that affect SEO rankings.
    Also if you think myhosting is good, share the links and stuff where I can see. Myhosting physical servers are located in Canada Though our main client or visitors will be from USA. This might be of concern.
  2. Does number of virtualizations done on a single server matter in the speed of the server? What is mean is VPS is virtualization of a single server for multiple clients. So don’t know how many clients have been virtualized on this single machine allocated to us. Will that affect? Should I ask them the number?

Looking Forward to your views.

Wiredtree have VPS solutions, and several places I have seen very positive reviews about their good support. Also you will get VPS from VPSland for a better pricing, but not sure about their support.

I actually use them and their Linux VPS are fantastic ( Two years in and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I wouldn’t worry about having their servers in Canada. I have most of my clients in the US and I have not seen a single issue in terms speed. I have not received any complaints either.