VPS & Dedicated server

Can anyone suggest me a good VPS or dedicates server within $100/month or so?
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There are lots of good ones around. I can recommend KnownHost, but there are many more.

For a small VPS server I like myhosting and for a dedicated server I like codero.


I can recommend two: WebHostingBuzz and WebHostingZoom (yes, different companies).

However, may I offer my common advice:

  1. Establish your requirements, i.e., Linux, Apache 2.4+, PHP 5.2+, MySQL 5+ and storage and bandwidth requirements.

  2. Know what control panels you are willing to use, i.e., WHM/cPanel.

  3. Know how much CPU time/RAM you need.

  4. Know your target (the Internet is fast but some latency could hurt so the closer your server to your target audience the better).

  5. SEARCH (using the above parameters), record host, how well it satisfies your requirements and price.

  6. Shortlist based on the database you’ve created in step 5 then SEARCH for comments about the host (avoiding obvious shills).

  7. Contact each remaining host with a question (like .htaccess and mod_rewrite availability, MANAGED services, add’l IP addresses - you will require one for each SSL you use - or DEMAND to test proprietary control panels) and record the response time (and satisfaction with the response).

  8. Select.

Been there, done that (all too frequently in the past).



Nice list DKLynn. #7 is an often overlooked check to see how a provider is performing. Many overlook the simple fact of contacting a host via phone or e-mail before the account setup. The response that a potential client receives from a pre-sale perspective can sometimes be more enlightening than an entire day of reading reviews and hosting provider recommendations.

You can get a lot of power for $100 per month.
Have you looked into a very high end VPS? It will cost less than dedicated servers and will out perform the lower end dedicated servers.

When it comes to hosting, there is a wide range to choose from nowadays. …Personally I’d recommend KnownHost all I can say is that it offers great service and support., and if the site grows more popular you have an easy upgrade path available to you…!!

If you’re happy with unmanaged VPS, Linode, rackspace cloud servers, amazon EC2, clustered.net are all high quality providers.

$100 for one VPS is more than enough but $100 for Server, it mostly can get low feature and low performance server.
With that budget, is good to check out for VPS instead of Dedicated Server because it VPS is much for affordable.
what resource you actually need for your hosting ?