Best Affordable + Reliable + Managed + Dedicated Server

We have used dozens of companies but appreciate the input of people. It’s best way to get fresh answers.

What are your favorite dedicated hosting companies. I’m talking about dedicated managed linux whm with tons of RAM dual drive, and a great processor.

We need 3 or 4 dedicated servers. No hassle, fast repsonse, no down time, etc. We don’t want cloud.

Thanks SitePoint!

Many members love this host; great service and customer support is great. Highly recommended from many members here. I’m in the process of switching too.

Their VPS hosting is very expensive for very little power and crazy low bandwidth.

The OP is after dedicated though (I don’t pretend to know the difference); and the OP mentions that…

So customer service is important to him/her. @felgall and @dklynn have come out openly supporting this company many times for their great customer service. And finally…

Throwing a name in the hat doesn’t hurt :slight_smile: . It’s up to them to do the research from there to see if it matches their needs.