I am Looking for a 1st VPS Hosting Company

I have a dedicated server that I pay 239.00 a month, and know I am looking for a affordable VPS hosting company. I have read about Knownhost and Burstnet. What I need is 250 or more disk space, 4 TB or more BW, 4G of ram or more, cpanel and my budget is 90 a month.

4 TB bandwidth usage looks way much for a VPS. Is the website a high traffic website ?

I believe you need to take another dedicated server for that. That would be the vest solution in your situation.

Wanting that much bandwidth / drive space, you are probably better looking at a dedicated server, are you wanting US hosted or European?

Are you looking for VPS in UK or US? and do you wish to go for managed hosting solution?

I have read about Knownhost and Burstnet.

I seem to recall that one offers managed VPS and the other unmanaged VPS. Comparing the two will have to take this into account. If you’re not a server admin, then you should go for managed, even if it is more expensive.

Burstnet will do what you want for that price but their budget vps aren’t renowned for being very reliable, you’d be better using their premium range of vps which are less heavily oversold, and still just about come in on budget. A normal vps on a contended 100Mbps port would likely struggle to serve 4TB over a month, you’d need a vps on gigabit connection.

100Mbps = 12.5MBps
= 750MB / minute
= 44GB / hour
= 1TB / day
~= 30TB / month

Its possible to push that on a single 100Mbps line, I know you can get packages that’ll let you do that at SoftLayer (www.softlayer.com)

I would say they have some nice deals. Their 1Gbit VPS servers are listed with 4-6TB Bandwidth per month.

I agree, it is better to select a dedicated server instead of VPS. It will be more reliable and you also have upgrade options later.

I think the opposite. A strong VPS that is well equipped can save him much more and still give very good performance. Do your research and look for a big company that can handle that type of VPS.