Virtuemart stock indicator and email

Hi All

I have not had much luck finding a solution on the virtumart forum so hoping this will be better. I have built a shop and this issue has caused days of issues.

I have 2 issues:

  1. The virtuemart stock level indicator is showing as a 3 colored bar and I want it to say ‘Number in Stock’ X - X being the numerical value of what stock is in hand. I have tired to play with the code in products.php and just create errors.

Where would I find the correct file to change and with what code?

example here : Dianthus

  1. My registration/activation email is very cluttered and confusing so would need to simplify for our older clients. Where would I be able to change this

Welcome grant

<a class=“default” href=";task=registration.activate&amp;token=9a3d0380009b740db184a3c945961386>Please use this link to activate your account</a>
Your Registration data
Your Login Name: : grant
Your Displayed Name: : grant

Your Entered Address: :

Ideally it would send them their registration details and invite then to click on a simple link without the clutter.

Thank you all very much, i know this is probably frustratingly simple so I appreciate your time

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