URL different in markup than what's shown in link

Hi all,

Not really sure where on the forums to put this question, apologies if this isn’t the right place.

If you go to www.saveinckc.org and take a look at the footer navigation, you’ll see a “E-Newsletter Sign-Up” link.

In the markup, it has the correct URL for that link -

<a href="app.e2ma.net/app/view:Join/signupId:1352439/acctId:1351167" target="_blank">E-Newsletter Sign-Up</a>

However, when you hover over it, FF’s status bar shows:


I’m at a loss as to why the www.saveinckc.org part is being added by the browser. It’s fine in the main nav at the top too. Could I get some help please?

Thanks in advance!


<a href="http://app.e2ma.net/app/view:Join/signupId:1352439/acctId:1351167" target="_blank">

If you don’t add the HTTP:// to anchors, the browser will assume you’re pointing to the current domain.