Virtual Box Mac Rendering

Lifehacker recently had an article on running Mac OS and Linux via virtual box, hosted on Windows to test software etc. I am looking for a fairly cheap and hopefully painless solution to test css rendering on Mac and wondered how accurate this method would be as I’m sure I read somewhere that it still wasn’t perfect as it uses the host OS for some things?

At the moment I have Chrome, IE 8 (+ 7 via dev bar), FF, Safari for windows and Opera running on my WinXP station but would really like to be sure by testing on Mac and possibly linux too - any suggestions as to how good the above would be as I’ve setup similar before and its usually pretty straight forward.



Thanks Paul, lets hope the Virtual Box is very good - if I go down that route (27" new Mac) my wife might have a few choice words! :lol:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the feedback and the link to the other thread, I will probably have a go at getting the virtual box setup and see how it goes though unless I get some more feedback from here I guess I should still set up a standalone mac on an old machine to make sure :eek:

That’s what I did originally and bought an old mac on ebay for testing only. However, I treated myself a few months ago to a 27" imac which allows me to run windows on the same machine if needed. It’s a great machine but very pricey.

I still have the PC running Xp as well as a laptop running vista and have windows 7 on the mac in parallels so it means I can test most things quite easily.

Sorry, I can’t really help as I haven’t tested that setup.

You can do the reverse quite easily and I have windows 7 and windows xp running on my mac with no problem using parallels.

I believe you can run linux from a cd without installing but haven’t tried it myself.

You may find some other useful info in this old thread.