Cross Browser Testing

Hi, does anyone know if there is a way of testing browsers on a Mac from a PC… thanks in advance for your help…

You could use something like BrowserLab to get screen shots, but they aren’t as useful as the real thing. However, the Mac browsers (FF, Chrome, Safari) have PC equivalents, and there is little difference between them in my experience—apart maybe from font rendering.

You can also try CrossBrowserTesting, [URL=“”]MogoTest, [URL=“”]BrowserShots, [URL=“”]BrowserCam and [URL=“”]Multi-Browser Viewer.

Hi, thanks… a few other things render differently also such as drop down menus etc…

I have noticed several difference between Chrome on a Mac and PC

I like for live testing. They have a iPad and iPhone emulator too.

Interesting. Can you elaborate a little bit, what other differences have you noticed? Are they really that significant so that you would trade the convenience of testing with locally installed browsers for web based solution?

Another good one is which you can use to do automated Selenium tests.