Guys how can i install different browser in the computer to test CSS and html code

Hi guys, i don’t know how you guys get to have all the browsers in your computer to test weather a code is working or not.

Download Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari and run the installers. You already have IE8. Nothing special there.

To run multiple versions of Internet Explorer, the only way to see your site exactly the way it renders in that browser on a normal computer, is to either dual boot another operating system with that version of IE installed, or to virtualize another operating system.

Download Microsoft Virtual PC to do so.

Then download the IE6 and IE7 Virtual Hard Disks, which are full copies of Windows with that browser installed.

It’s all free from Microsoft.

Just install all the web browsers and check it separately! :wink:

Firefox and Chrome are similar, so you need not check scripts in both. But you have to check separately for IE.

Firefox and Chrome use completely different, unrelated rendering engines. They do not have the same levels of support for CSS, and they each have different bugs. You do need to check in both.

Safari and Chrome share the same rendering engine. Firefox and Flock share the same rendering engine. Opera has its own, Internet Explorer 6/7/8 have their own.

That’s very useful information Dan. Thanks for correcting it. :slight_smile:

Safari and Chrome have different JavaScript engines and so there may still be a need to test both if the page contains JavaScript.

sorry to interrupt your conversation i have a question, I have downloaded the setup for internet 6 do I have to install throught the virtual machine? because when I press the setup icon then it says there is a newer version of IE therefore setup can not continue…

After I have install the virtual machine how do i go about it…

Thank you guys

If you want a simpler way just install IEtester ;).

Actually, it is pretty simple to install many versions of different browsers on the same machine -