Best way these days to test IE on Mac?

I just assumed I would get a VM and buy windows. But I would rather not install all that on my mac. I don’t need to test all the time. Just enough to verify my new site works well in IE then I won’t look again for a while prob. So I was looking for easier ways and I ran across Is that the easiest way? It looks to be free or am I wrong?

I’ve been using: It’s free and it works great.

See for versions of IE6 through 11 that will work on any operating system via a number of different VM.

If you want to use, good luck wading your way through the incomprehensible gibberish that’s euphemistically titled “Installation Instructions”. :-/

I am a Mac user too, and face the same issues.

Maybe not want you want to hear, but if you do lots of web design, how about picking up a small, used Windows laptop on eBay?

That may sound extreme, but considering you can buy new computers for $600-$800, you might be able to find something that is small for a couple hundred dollars.

Of course if you have a need to test on XP to Windows 8 (or whatever) then any way you go will cost more money and take more time to set up.

Here is what a quick search brought up…