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Anyone have any good recommendations on finding a very good SEO expert for my YouTube videos?

That’s a loaded question. Especially when I see the amount of rubbish that’s on Youtube (and, well, everywhere all over the internet) when it comes to SEO.

I can’t give you any suggestions because, from my point of view, SEO can be summarized in two concepts:

  • Don’t worry about SEO. It’s not that important. Make your page accessible instead
  • Use your common sense. Which, indirectly, means “Don’t worry about SEO. It’s not that important. Make your page accessible instead”

Finding a true expert is going to be… challenging because most of the people I’ve seen that they call themselves experts… well, they’re the ones calling themselves experts.


Thanks for advice

I have begun created videos featuring our website’s services and tutorials. I name the videos with my site name and mix in a keyword or two in the title and description. Add appropriate tags as well. I then upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and FB.

Within 24 hours the video show up in search results. Now granted the search queries include my domain name, but the fact they are indexed that quickly in pretty impressive.

So my estimation is you do not need an expert in YT SEO, but rather just be willing to create informative and enjoyable videos and post regularly. The results will certainly start coming in.

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Does naming the video with your website domain name help with its SEO?

Yes and no.

The title should be relevant to whatever you’re talking about. First, because very few people (if any) will view a video that they don’t know is about… or that includes an URL. They will feel pushed. People will not visit if they think that you’re spamming them (and yes, you’d be doing it. I know, the concept is foreign for most “SEO experts” but there’s a fine line between spamming and interesting. Very fine line)

You may add the link in your description though. The thing is to do it tastefully so you put it there… and nobody gets annoyed.

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Basically jimmy Seo has moved to a different level this is not which we think it used to be, most of us thinks that if we post our domain name on different site it will increase our ranking but that is not the thing any more you need to build quality links like more realistic link like for example if the page is realated to your website then post some good stuff and then your domain name.
Basically traffic which is coming to your website matters but that also matter how many of them going back with even surveying on your website because if you post your website to a relevant link in this case people will search your website in details so they can find what they want.

Conclusion: Build quality link where your link is needed otherwise google will take that link as negative

yes i have i am expert in video optimization on youtube,soundcloud ,but i can not give you recommendation when you will not give me complete video detail thanks

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