Optimizing video / video pages for SERPS

I got a ton of videos, but thus far have been unsuccessful getting anywhere in the serps for the “video search” feature. I haven’t really tried to be honest. I’ve always concentrated on the “regular” search results, but seems the image and video search is really taking off.

Are there any special tags, rss feeds, or anything else I should do, in order to get my videos onto google’s and bing’s video search ranking?
Any tips on doing well in video search results?

Video optimization as part of your search engine optimization efforts can be a great way for you to expose your brand to users who may have otherwise not been familar with your brand, your products or your services.

To bring visitors to your site you can give a catchy title that contains a related key phrase that is relevant to your product, service or brand in your video. Posted videos have a better ability to rank higher in the SERPs and achieve better placement in Universal search results.

Having Decided whether you want to host or post your video on other websites you should
-Choose a platform (Youtube, Metacafe)
-Add a video sitemap
-Optimize your video for duration, text titles and filenames.
-Share your videos on social networking sites like facebook to invite traffic
-Comment on other related videos frequently
-Include a link of your video while guest blogging

Once you post it make sure you go through the reviews.

You need to have videos embedded on your web page (this actually means having the files hosted on your server and your playing the vids with flash or html5) and then create a video sitemap. Submit that sitemap to your google webmasters profile.

If you combine the answer from lizatailor23 and part of Zorro D’s answer, you’ll have a great solution.

1 - Host your video on your own site first
2 - Create a Video Sitemap (VSM) - here is a free tool to help with that (http://video-sitemap.org/)
3 - Submit the VSM via Google Webmaster Tools
4 - Optimize the video (VSEO) - Title, description, etc. (There is lots of info available for VSEO)
5 - Share it
6 - Bookmark it
7 - Point back links to it from blogs, forums, etc.
8 - Comment on others related videos (and leave links to yours)
9 - Post you video on other video sharing sites - Do this step last because you want the first instance of your video attributed to your web site before any other web sites

And away you go…

Video optimization is always different from content optimized website bcz it contain more hard work and research and your video has to be popular so that users can search it via online.