vBulletin CMS vs. Wordpress+Vbulletin

Having bought the full vBulletin package (together with the vBulletin CMS) I have been very disappointed with the CMS and therefore I am looking for combining Wordpress (together with some add-ons/plugins) with vBulletin 4.0. However, with my eyes set on the future developments, I’m not sure whether this is a good choice. Ofcourse, the vBulletin CMS is years behind Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal, but how fast do you think it will catch up. Is developing a site based on Wordpress worth the time, or would you think it wise for me to be on a ‘worse’ CMS for the first months/years?

Why would it not be a good choice to use WordPress for your site and vB for your forum?

If the vB CMS does not meet your requirements - and it doesn’t seem to - then I would go by that and pick the tool that you find makes more sense.

I’d rather use a stable, reliable and tested system, even if it’s not the latest and greatest, than something that is not (yet?) fit to be used for production sites.

This might be old news but I just noticed vBulletin is doing a CMS now and it really looks interesting. Imgoing to continue to look into it and Im interested in seeing what your opinions on vBulletin CMS and 4.0 Forum software.

I’m horribly late, I’m sorry. But for me, as a vBulletin forum user for years; the CMS was very disappointing. It just does not compare to other CMS’s that are out there at this moment and lacks a lot of options. This makes sense, since this is a new release, when a product like WordPress has been out for pretty long. Therefore I see the vBulletin CMS as a product for the future, and I’m using Wordpress in combination with vBulletin at this moment.

Personally, I would stick with vBulletin for the forums, but use WordPress for the CMS. I do this on my site and it works quite well. I’ve even integrated the look-and-feel between the two areas.

There is a vBulletin-Wordpress bridge that will connect the member database, but to me that’s just asking for trouble. I prefer to keep the CMS side simple, allowing “normal” WordPress commenting without requiring registration. By keeping it simply an not trying to link the databases, I don’t have to worry about upgrades to either breaking things.