CMS and wordpress

I like to implement CMS based on smarty framework.

As Sitepoint has book like Wordpress, I like to know how to do it when I like to have advanced CMS.

Should I create separate CMS like Joomla and Drupal and also Wordpress or I use Drupal system for blogs?

What are updated trands in this combinations?

Even though wordpress is primarily blogging software it is gaining ground as a cms. If you are looking for certain functionality you might try looking at the various wordpress plug-ins instead of using two different systems.

The more CMS apply into your site, the easier your visitors get confused. Focus on what you intend to build in your web and use the suitable CMS will do. For better viewing, maximum 2 CMS applied to your web are good enough.

I was in a similar situation and was contemplating using Joomla for a site instead of Wordpress. However the learning curve with Joomla is quite steep, especially compared to Wordpress which is very easy to get up and running. In the end I stuck with WordPress and was pleasantly surprised with the power of WordPress and realised there was no real need to use anything more heavyweight.